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Don't let your notifications interrupt your day


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Daywise is an app that lets you customize your Android notification experience. How? Easy! By choosing a specific time(s) when you'll get all your notifications of the day at once. In other words, you'll get all your notifications during specific times of the day, which you get to choose.

The first thing you have to do with Daywise is to choose the times of the day when you want to receive all your notifications. By default, you'll get them four times a day: the first one during the morning, the second one at midday, in the evening and the last one at night. The theory behind this app is that you can increase your productivity because you don't have to be checking your Android smartphone at all hours of the day.

But don't worry, using the configuration options you can create exceptions should you need to do so. These exceptions could refer to specific apps or contacts. In other words, you can create exceptions for apps that are really important to you, such as SMS or Twitter for example. As previously mentioned, you can also create exceptions for specific contacts so if they call you or try to contact you through a messaging app, you'll get the notification.

Daywise is a really interesting app changes the way you receive your daily notifications. You can also customize the times when you want to receive all your notifications so that these fit your needs.

Android 5.0 or greater is required.